Um Jaber

In light of the events in Syria, women in Syria are suffering from weakness and marginalization.

Auranitis tries to change this situation for women to be an important part in this society.

Um Ahmad, one of the women working in a tailoring workshop funded by Auranitis, have been able to earn income for her family, which was suffering from poverty and inability of covering their expenses due to war in Syria. Also, she has built her capacity in tailoring and fashion.

As she mentioned, these kinds of professions keep the dignity of women under this unstable security situation in areas where she works due to chaos caused by the war.

And about women participation in this kind of professions, Um Ahmad said that 80% of women working in tailoring and fashion which considered the only profession for the civil women in Dar’a governorate.

Auranitis believes that once there are opportunities, every woman will be able to achieve more, so that she can build her capacity and achieve self-sufficiency.