Shelter and nonfood items

Many homes were destroyed due to the conflict, leaving around 5.3 million people displaced in shelters lacking daily life essentials and goods. 3,7 million people were unable to carry out necessary rehabilitation to their damaged homes. Many families fled to collective shelters, schools, unfinished buildings, hospitals, and mosques. Host families have been the primary providers of shelter assistance and support, with an estimated 400,000 households hosting others. People also reported their needs for non-food items like clothing, shoes, fuel, light sources, water containers and kitchen related items.

In response, Auranitis distributed winterized non-food items kits to 3000 households in Nawa and Zayzoun camps and Al-Harra city. It also rehabilitated 28 educational tents and 26 regular schoolsinDar’a and Quneitra governorates to provide students with an appropriate winter learning environment to encourage them to attend school. This is in addition to providing 7616 winter clothes kits to students that were produced in three local sewing workshops.