Food Security

The seven years crisis continues to impact food security especially in UN-declared besieged and hard-to-reach areas where people witness high market prices of basic food items and fuel, limited access to humanitarian assistance and clean water. 

Current estimates show that 6.5 million people in Syria are food insecure, while a further 4 million people are at risk of becoming acutely food insecure. In total, this constitutes over half of the Syrian population who are in need of urgent life-saving and life-sustaining food, agriculture and livelihoods assistance. *

In response, Auranitis worked on enhancing food security and improving the nutrition status of vulnerable, conflict-affected households through the provision of essential life-saving food assistance and income-generating opportunities. In Dar’a and Quneitra, Auranitis provided emergency food assistance to 14,000 vulnerable families per month and food/ micronutrient supplements to 2000 children. Through its school feeding program, Auranitis also supported children in food insecure communities to reduce hunger and stabilize enrollment for pre-primary school children throughout the school year.