Wheat of the south

Syrians residing in Dar`a face multiple challenges related to food security. FAO statistics indicate 50% decline in the average level of wheat production during the last few years.  This is due escalation of political conflict and bad weather conditions in Syria.

White wheat in Syria has become a rare commodity to find either due to scarcity or to transportation and grinding difficulties. Surprisingly, Dara city contains huge quantities of poorly stored nor grained white wheat; thus, got rotten and not suitable use. This has urged Auranitis lifeline to support Dara people with basic needs to be able to import wheat from grain silos to local council warehouses which doesn’t have the capacity to cover for storage costs; in addition to, high prices of oil and production costs.

Auranitis also contributed in wheat packaging, graining and distribution. 140 Tons of white wheat were provided to Dara city; a step that will maintain stability of priced and enhance food security.
In spite of the continuous efforts to achieve food security, 9.8 million people still in need of food supplies.