Water for all

Water is a human need for survival, but in some areas of Syria it has become a challenge, a daily burden on Syria's population to get water.
In Deraa, the population suffer from a severe water shortage due to the interruption of regular water supplies and the contamination of alternative water sources which force people to buy water at very high prices. As the situation continues, most of them are forced to drink from polluted water wells due to lack of financial resources, the latest displacement movement in Daraa makes it even worst due to the conflict in Daraa.

All of the aforementioned conditions, which are below the humanitarian level in Daraa, have raised the concern of Auranitis organization of a new humanitarian catastrophe as water is an indispensable need and its availability must be within the safe, healthy, and appropriate standards of the basic drinking water requirements along with the hygiene for each individual to reduce the spread of many diseases as: (typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and skin problems) which have recently increased.
Auranitis has respondedfor free to the transfer of potable water from water wells to the people and displaced persons to their places of residence and to farms. The Organization provided all costs related to the operation of the generator, the pumping of water from the wells as well as the tanks fuel.

The availability of drinking water to displace persons:
A rate of 50 tanks per day, with a capacity of 5,000 liters, where 5,750 million liters of water have been supplied so far to provide basic needs, and to contribute to the provision of emergency solutions to preserve the lives of Syrians under different circumstances.