Syria will remain nice

The presence of several active volunteers of Auranitis Life Line organization inside Syria contributes to the implementation of different activities and campaigns that apply the Auranitis’ vision and objectives.

One of the activities which was carried out recently by the volunteer team of the organization was a clean-up campaign covered the eastern Ghouta under the name “Syria will remain nice” in the town of Saqba and Deir al-Asafir in eastern Ghouta, which areoccupied and damaged areas by shelling.

The campaign aimed at cleaning up the streets in cooperation with the local councils, residents and with the civic defense forces, where 90 male and female volunteers took part to achieve the goal of cleaning up the Ghouta as to return back nice. Participants cleaned roads and yards to keep the environment healthy and safe as well as they replaced the trash bins from the main roads to its appropriate place, in addition to the dissemination of health awareness messages on the importance of preserving roads to prevent disease, reduce the spread of epidemics through road posters, publications and brochures distributed to people.