Ramadan Kitchen

Holy Month of Ramadan is a month of goodness and blessing. Food parcels are usually disturbed during this month to help people who are in need. In such tough times, besieged and damaged areas are in need for this kind of charity help.

Auranitis lifeline team has organized daily charity Iftars in Eastern Ghouta for IDPs form (Mleha, Hatita, Tarkman, Juber, Marj, Zabdien, EinTrma) villages, in addition to targeting host communities of Sakba, KfurBatna and Hamouriah.

Auranitis team was able to provide a variety of meals during Iftars, in spite of siege and highly prices food items.

A kitchen was assembled to cook home meals favored by the citizens; in addition to, providing a wide variety of fruit. All meals are properly packed and provided hot to beneficiaries. Volunteers, students and teachers from the local community participated in the implementation of the activity.

The project aims to provide 3750 individuals with complete and home delivered meals, to maintain the dignity of civilans.