Eid for every child

Eid is the joy of the children in Syria; however, many of the Syrian children had to postpone their Eid for many years until they forgot the meaning of happiness and lost their patience. With the approach of Eid date, Auranitis Life Line volunteers team was committed to change this reality through cheering the children’s weary hearts. 

Our team initiated a brain storming activity before Eid. Then, the team proposed offering a large party in Ahrash area, being a secure one relatively, to celebrate the traditions of Eid with the children. 

The preparation for Eid had lasted for a week before the event. The team had set up the location and planed the activities (puppet show and singing activity). 

The party was set in the third day of Eid where 500 children participated in the event. 

The activities were varied and had a positive impact on the children especially the activity of transferring the water and picking up the candy out of the flour where the children were very thrilled and actively engaged as a group. 

The puppet show was a special space to cheer the children and to draw the smile on their faces, as the main theme of the play was friendship. At the end of the part, the team distributed gifts and stationary to achieve the real meaning of Eid.