Our Story

We started as a group of Syrian volunteers who came to Jordan during the Syrian crisis. Among us are journalists, pharmacists, lawyers, engineers, photographers and teachers. We all shared the dream of building an effective, responsible civil society inside Syria. 

We were active citizens back home and left on a mission of rebuilding a better Syria. Overwhelmed by the scale of suffering in our home towns, our founders started as ambassadors of a civil mindset, each working individually to help war victims in Southern Syria and build resilient communities. We wanted to empower, to educate and to rebuild.  

We were working from homes. We met in cafes and cars. The pharmacist was volunteering in a clinic in Irbid, helping out in distributing medicines and food packages to Southern Syria. The photographer used the power of picture to tell a human story that did not have its share among the news headlines, while the journalist would risk his life covering stories from conflict zones and train citizen journalists, who were the actual source of news after the Arab Spring, on how to report, and many more. 

Our first official meeting was in a library in Irbid when we decided to put our efforts and expertise together and form an official entity. We have started delivering relief assistance since 2013 before registering an official NGO two years later. We called it AuranitisLifeline. Auranitis is the Latin name of Houran in Arabic which is the geographical area between Southern Damascus and Ajloun in Northern Jordan. 

Auranitis, a mobilised grassroot movement, became one of the major voices of Syrian civil society who chose to act rather than observe the unfolding crisis that consumed our towns, families and friends.

With our dedication and commitment, we earned the trust of the communities we work in. We chose our team, our actual partners and implementers, from those towns and villages in Southern Syria, as they understand well the geography, the people and threats present on the ground.

We were acknowledged by international donors and UN organizations as a strategic partner and with their support have started to get bigger and managed to implement multi-sectorial projects.
Budgets were spent on capacity building for Auranitis team and slowly the small organization started to shape into one with international human rights standards, policies and systems. We started with emergency response needs and distribution of food parcels and shortly moved to empowering communities through restoring basic services, renovating public buildings, providing access to education and supporting livelihoods. 

Impact has been realized because of the efforts and commitment of Auranitis team who is driven by a set of core values of integrity, empowerment and respect. They risk their life daily to build a more resilient, sustainable society by providing individuals and communities with the resources needed.
Auranitis stood out because we work beyond safe borders with a mission to access unreachable areas in the South and create change. Yet we are working towards a bigger dream of reaching vulnerable people across Syria and Jordan.