December 08, 2019

Auranitis Life Line for Development & Training

Invitation for Announcing the Auction for the Sale of Miscellaneous Equipment


Auranitis Life Line for Development & Training announces the auction No. 1/2019 for the sale of the following equipment:

  1. Central Wastewater Treatment Plants with MBBR WWTP CONTAINERIZED Technology\                    Qty 2
  2. Generators of various powers\                                                   Qty 25
  3. Submersible Water Pumps of various powers\                            Qty 18
  4. Electrical Transformers of various powers 20KV\400 \                Qty 88
  5. Laptops\                                                                                   Qty 21
  6. Printers\                                                                                    Qty 4
  7. Solar Water Heater\                                                                  Qty 1
  8. Projector\                                                                                 Qty 1
  9. Camera (Nikon D5300) \                                                           Qty 1

Those who are interested in submitting price offers are invited to inspect the equipment located at the Procurement Department at the company's headquarters in Amman - Mecca Street - Iyad Haddad Complex - Fifth Floor - Office No. 503 - To buy a copy of the bidding brochure at a price of 10 JD is non-refundable.

under the following conditions:

  1. Equipment inspection will be at Ramtha warehouse from [Sunday] [15/12/2019] to COB of [Wednesday] [25/12/2019].
  2. Prices shall be fixed for thirty days from the closing date of the auction which will be stated in the auction booklets.
  3. An auction guarantees of 10% of the total price of bidding shall be submitted in a separate envelope in a certified cheque or a bank guarantee from a Jordanian bank and shall be valid for 90 days from the date of bid submission.
  4. The full amount shall be paid by bidder who submitted the highest price by a certified cheque from a Jordanian Bank.
  5. Removing the sold equipment from the warehouse shall be the responsibility of the bidder within 5 working days from finalizing the bid.
  6. Auranitis reserves the right to cancel the Auction at any time for no financial obligation against.
  7. Auction shall be subject to the terms and policies of Auranitis Company and Local Jordanian Laws.
  8. The bid submission shall be delivered in two separate envelopes (the financial proposal and the bank guarantee) and shall be clearly marked with the bidding number to the procurement department, showing the bidder's address, official email and phone number.
  9. For any inquiry call telephone number 06-5533491 , procurement department Mr Iyad khamayseh 0796899946